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Typical Safety Switch

What are Safety Switches?

A safety switch is a device which measures the electrical current flowing through the red (active or live) and black (neutral) wires in a circuit.  If there is a difference between the two (i.e. Earth Leakage) the switch “trips”.


Why are they important?

The safety switch is important because this device trips and turns the power off if there is earth leakage .  This helps to prevent an electric shock or death due to a person touching an earthed surface which has become live due to a faulty appliance, switch, wiring etc.


Should we test our safety switch and how do we go about it?

Just like most things mechanical,  safety switches can fail.  It is a good idea to test your safety switch every three months.  A good reminder would be to test your safety switch every time you receive your electricity account.

Testing your safety switch is quite simple.  Locate the test button on the device and press. An example of a typical safety switch is shown below.

What do we do if the safety switch does trip?

Firstly unplug the last appliance used then try and reset the switch by pushing the lever up. 


If the lever stays up, plug the appliance back in and switch on.  If the switch trips again unplug the appliance as it is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced.


If the lever wont stay  up unplug all appliances and plug them in one by one  until the safety switch trips.  This will then  be the faulty appliance.


If the lever wont reset even after all the appliances are unplugged then the wiring is faulty and you contact an electrical contractor to have it tested professionally.